Shawnee Event Center

Shawnee Event Center, which opened in the summer of 2016, is a centerpiece of the 400-acre Grand Park Sports Campus, one of the largest sporting complexes in the world. The facility features three full-sized professional turf fields, a spectator lounge, retail space, locker facilities, office and meeting space, and administrative offices. It also includes multi-use space for trade shows, live entertainment, conventions and special event programming, including large indoor field sports events in the massive 370,000 square-foot facility.

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June 19 – June 23

2020 US Youth Soccer Easter Region Presidents Cup


“Yesterday we were able to practice in the new Events Center at Grand Park.  I am almost speechless.  In 2013 our field was frozen, we had no heat in the coach’s offices, and it was freezing cold outside.  We had to prepare for a game in Lucas Oil by practicing in our own gym.  Yesterday we got in a great practice in the nicest facility I could ever imagine.  Mr. Breedlove and Mr. Knox bent over backwards to help us.  I just wanted to write you and express my extreme gratitude for making this happen for us.  I don’t know all the details, but I know we will be better prepared this time around and the practice facility will have a lot to do with that.  Thank you for caring and helping us!  I know its just football for a lot of people, but these kids have put in four long years of work for this exact moment.  I feel like you have given them a better opportunity to succeed.  I will be passing this on to our parents at our banquet.  Thank you so much!!!”

–Jake Gilbert, Westfield High School Football Coach

“Practicing in the Grand Park Events Center the week before the 6A state championship game was a major contributor to our team’s readiness for our opponent.  Our players were well-conditioned and acclimated to the conditions of Lucas Oil Stadium. Additionally, the space and design of the indoor facility afforded us a great amount of skill, drill, and schematic work with great angles for filming.  Our team was more prepared to win a championship than we had been during our previous championship appearances.”

-John Hebert, Carmel High School Football Coach