Shawnee Sports Complex: Lightning Policy

Upon detection of lightning in the area (within a 10-mile radius of the lightning detection system located onsite at Shawnee) the following protocol will be used:

  1. An audible alarm will sound from the detection system notifying the Complex that lightning has been detected in the area and to please take shelter. This starts a 30-minute countdown. Shelter is defined as cars for practices, games, and large events.
  2. Shawnee Staff / Tournament Staff / Event Staff will facilitate getting people off the playing fields and to their cars. (Buildings can be used in special circumstances but are not ideal for large events.) While the fields are being evacuated Director/Manager/Head Staff Member will pull up the lightning alert system to monitor the storm.
  3. Director/Manager/Head Staff Member will monitor and update the staff on the countdown clock and additional strikes via radios. THE AUDIBLE SIREN WILL NOT SOUND AGAIN UNTIL THE ALL-CLEAR MESSAGE.
  4. Every time lightning strikes within the 10 miles radius, the 30-minute clock will start over. Director/Manager/Head Staff Member is responsible to notify staff and event staff via radio to update attendees.
  5. Once the countdown clock ends, an audible alarm will sound notifying everyone that the lightning is ALL CLEAR. Staff will assist in resuming play.

Other notes:
Each tournament and event can request a different radius for the detection software. Ultimately, Shawnee Management will approve or deny the request. The standard is a 10-mile radius.