The Kanawha County Parks and Recreation Commission on Wednesday signed off on a revision of a lease agreement it has with the city of Dunbar to operate Shawnee Park. The revised lease will allow the parks board to operate the golf course and the clubhouse, which will be part of a proposed multi-sports complex.

When Dunbar first took over park operations in 2012, the agreement was for the city to run the pool, the picnic shelters and the tennis and basketball courts, director Jeff Hutchinson said.

Then in 2014, Dunbar took control of the entire park, including the golf course and clubhouse.

“In order to do the multi-sport complex, we have to take that part of the park back,” Hutchinson said. “That’s what the lease will do.”

Kanawha County officials have said they hope to break ground on the sports complex in November, pending the outcome of chemical tests and analysis of the land there. As part of the project, the golf course there will be eliminated.